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Last longer with Roman Swipes

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  • Discreet packaging
  • Portable and disposable

Roman Swipes

The 4% benzocaine solution used in Swipes is uniquely formulated to reduce overstimulation without eliminating sensation altogether.


Remove disposable Swipe from its discreet individual packaging


Apply to your most sensitive areas and let dry for 5 min


Enjoy the effects of lasting longer with your partner

Why try Swipes?

Completely discreet

Swipes are delivered in discreet packaging, fit in your pocket, and leave no scent or taste after drying

Quick results

Apply to your most sensitive areas, let it dry, and you’re ready to last longer just 5 minutes after applying

Better for them

Unlike other OTC treatments for PE, the desensitizing effect of Swipes will not transfer to your partner

Free 2-day shipping

All Swipes orders include free 2-day shipping to your home, apartment, office, wherever

Increase endurance by 340%

In a 2017 study, 82% of participants using benzocaine wipes were no longer considered to have PE at the end of two months.

In fact, the time to orgasm during vaginal intercourse was just 75 seconds at the start of the study, but nearly three minutes after one month and 5.5 minutes at the two month mark. That’s a 340% increase.

Our offering

Roman Swipes

Clinically proven to effectively treat PE, no prescription required

  • Discreet, disposable wipes
  • Apply just 5 min before sex